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  • We didn’t know what to expect.

    Jean-Luc, I just had to let you know, we had an amazing time on Centrer BurntBush camp. We didn’t know what to expect and we certainly didn’t expect to catch fish like those five sturgeons and big pikes. We have to compliment you on your work has been done for the camp itself !
    Vlad Patoka, Toronto, Ontario
  • An amazing adventure

    My 2 daughters and I spent June 27- July 2 at Whales Head and had an amazing adventure. It all started with our 20 minute Argo ride into the camp and were amazed at the cleanliness of the cabin and grounds. The generator and newly built shower house were very nice amenities. Fishing was amazing with over 150 fished landed. Lot's of Northern Pike and Walleye. I would highly recommend de-barbing lures as it's non stop action and a lot easier on the fish. We can't wait to go back and re-live all those great memories. Pat, Stacey and Nicole.
    Pat Cosgrove, Mitchell, Ontario
  • A great Northern getaway

    Anyone wanting to have a great northern getaway, I highly recommend Good Time Outfitters. The cabin at Whaleshead Lake is clean, functional and well appointed. Everything you need for a good time is provided. The solitude and quiet is a welcome change of pace from everyday life.........and the fish!! oh my, the fishing is amazing.
    Nicole Schnarr, Penetanguishene, Ontario
  • The cabin ,the boats ,the facilities were all first rate!

    JEAN-LUC : Time has passed since our visit, but none of the memories . We were pleased to learn that although not the first clients to visit your lakes we had been the first clients to book a trip with Good Time .Even more pleasing was the camp itself . Being a new operation much of what you were telling us was still in the planning stages . You planned and furnished this camp to a tee. Never has a name, Good Time, been more befitting of the end product , The cabin ,the boats ,the facilities were all first rate , Never have we stayed at a better remote housekeeping camp. Even the lake itself and the view surrounding the lake were beautiful , if you could take time from catching fish to enjoy the views , And there are plenty of fish to be had .The only unfortunate part about our trip is that we can not do it annually . However when the next trip comes due , Good Time Outfitters will get our first call. Should any prospective clients want a testimonial as to what they can expect from Good Time , give them our contact information . But what they’ll have can be summed up in two words a…GOOD TIME ! (“Good” should be spelled ”g-r-e-a-t” ) Thanx for ALL the memories, Sincerely , Dale , Jeff , Greg and Kevin Monn .Cleveland , OH . Aug 2-9,2014
    Dale Monn, Cleveland Ohio
  • This trip was incredible!

    This trip was incredible! Perfect location, cabin and lake. It was very relaxing with an orange glowing sunset every night over the lake. I'm a big fisherman and this lake blew me away! After catching and releasing 6 Sturgeon, over 200 pike and +150 walleye I knew this lake was special. Our fish count for 1 week was 400 pike/walleye and 6 Sturgeon (biggest being 46 inch aprox. 25 lbs) I will be back every chance I have and I will always have wonderful memories of this trip.
    John Wilson, Ailsagraig, Ontario
  • Fabulous!

    We have flown in via Polar Bear Outfitters for the last 10 years so after Billy sold some of his lakes to "good time" we decided to take a chance.  We sure did the right thing.  The cabin on Whales Head has been all rebuild and insulated.  No more squirrels looking down at you in the am or mosquito's coming in through the rafters.  What a beautiful job they have done with the place.  We won't comment on the fishing because we want to go back (it was beyond outstanding). Neither of us eat fish so it was all "catch and release" and it sure kept us busy for the 5 days we were there.  If you want to go to a place where the ride in was fun and the fishing was superlative, sign up.  You will not regret it. Fabulous !!!!
    Ernie & Jeff Francis, Algonquin Highland, Ontario
  • The fish were plentiful

    Family Fishing trip to Centre Burnt Bush May 24 to June 1, 2014 Our family of four and an extra friend enjoyed a wonderful week at Centre Burnt Bush. Right from the very beginning The Good Time Outfitters were great to deal with and by the end of our vacation we thought of Jean Luc and Dennis as friends. We look forward to seeing them again and enjoying either the same camp or perhaps Upper Kat or Whale's Head. The Argo ride was a great adventure in itself ; it was a great way to get us and ALL of our gear into camp. The camp was new, very clean and well equipped. Bunks were clean and comfortable making it a difficult decision whether to get up and fish or sleep in !  The view of the lake was spectacular and the surroundings beautiful and peaceful. I will let the fishermen in the family write in with the fishing stories  .... trust me when I say that the fish were plentiful and we even had the surprise of 6 Sturgeon just off of our shoreline on a day that was cool and windy making the lake choppy !! The kids [ adults actually at 21 and 25 ] were absolutely thrilled ! Thank you to Jean Luc and Dennis, we will meet again ! The Wilson Group!
    Sue Wilson, London, Ontario
  • A wonderful experience

    I just want to thank you Jean-Luc for such a wonderful experience. The cabin and the view of the lake was just beautiful. The fishing was spectacular as we caught a lot of beautiful size Walleyes and a ton of pike. I couldn't believe how aggressive the pike were, as it seemed most of the time I couldn't keep my lures in the water for more than 30 seconds. Can't wait to come back and do it all over again. Mike Smith Brantford, ON
    Mike Smith, Brantford Ontario
  • Spent a Beautiful Weekend Ice Fishing

    Spent the weekend ice fishing at Good Time Outfitters. In spite of the frigid weather the comfortable fully equipped camp kept us warm. Lots of fish, and a good place to spend time enjoying the peaceful area and fresh air.
    Fernande Mayer,
  • Putt Putt Putt!

    Twin Lake. Lots of pike and walleye. A 30-inch pike and two 20 inch walleye and lots of smaller ones. Awesome experience, awesome people. I think Twin Lake is the best lake I've been to.
    Evaz, Massond, Jalil, Arvin & Naim,
  • Fishing Was Unbelievable

    We had a super time, fishing was unbelievable, accommodations and the flights were good and on time. I have done a lot of fishing but enjoyed this trip the best of any. We caught our limits and "No More". We have decided to come back again. Thank you very much!
    Robert Wall, Frank Miller, Mike Weber & Wayne Forwell,

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